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Restoration of the old París cinema

Muros. July de 2011
Authors: Jorge García, Fernando Eiroa
Collaborators: Miguel Veira
Promoter: Muros City Council
Status: Second prize in competition
Restoration of the old París cinema

The building of the Cine París of Muros has an important significance within the historic centre, not only for its dimensions, but also for its singular use, giving it a historically respectable public character that still remains in the memory of the town.

Its façade is integrated into the seafront, located on the seafront, in one of the most public and busy enclaves of the town of Muros, as it is an arcaded space in keeping with the characteristic arcades.

The first project strategy will consist of reinforcing the intentions set out in the Special Plan for the Protection of the Historic and Artistic Complex of Muros. The level of protection in "Buildings of singular characteristics and of high architectural, historical and cultural value" defines as determining characters the structural wall system and the arcades, which are respected in such a way that they will configure the fundamental space of the proposal.

The rest of the catalogued elements (windows, cornices, façade decoration, reliefs with modernist motifs, false wooden ceilings and interior box) are restored and all of them are unified with the white colour that, together with the stone, make up the whole maritime front of Muros.

This socio-cultural facility is divided into two distinct parts.

A public area materialised in a foyer connected to the porch and to the hall by means of folding frames and the gallery on the upper floor, which is proposed as an exhibition hall facing the estuary.

The stage, accessible from the hall by means of ramps and used as a stall for stalls, marks the transition space with the private area where the spaces for actors and technicians are located, with restricted access through a rest and relief patio that acts as a transition with Clavel street.

Restoration of the old París cinema Restoration of the old París cinema