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Exterior refurbishment of the EMALCSA water tanks

A coruña. March de 2014
Authors: Jorge García, Fernando Eiroa
Promoter: EMALCSA
Status: Second prize in competition
Exterior refurbishment of the EMALCSA water tanks

EMALCSA's elevated drinking water tanks occupy certain strategic positions in terms of their location in the urban fabric of the city. Their arrangement, forming part of the vertices of an imaginary triangle, gives these pieces a presence with potential that can be exploited.

The proposal aims for the degree of integration, relationship and improvement of the urban environment to be linked to the visibility and the suggestive dialogue to be generated between the elements themselves and with the neighbourhoods. From this point of view, enhancing the visibility and the vertical condition of the warehouses will generate in them a certain turn to be, what in some way they already are, visual references in the skyline of A Coruña.

Reason, logic and constructive coherence result in vertical constructions arranged in elevated topographies. Although the concept of presence is indisputable, it is not an obstacle to highlight its idea of beauty as a sincere landmark in the landscape.

The proposed solution addresses aesthetic conditioning through visibility as a strategy for dialogue and representation of areas. Versatility and the dual perception that exists between day and night mark the lines of action.

Exterior refurbishment of the EMALCSA water tanks